✯ MUSIC MONDAYS ✯ – {v.60}

✯ MUSIC MONDAYS ✯ – {v.60}

We’re back with a shiny new edition of Music Mondays! This week we are featuring material from the extremely talented REZZ, YOOKiE’s new tribal collaboration, some squid stuff and much much more!

In celebration of our 60th volume of Music Mondays, we jam-packed this playlist with some of our wildest content yet. First up we included not one, but TWO recent tracks from your favorite swirly-eyed DJ, REZZ. Our spotlight is on her track “Edge” remixed by Gommi. This hard-psy track is as clean as they come, with the filthiest baseline one could ask for. Next, YOOKiE takes the stage with his tribal/jungle terror track “Chango” featuring Woogie (a great name combo, we know!). This track is sure to please anyone who has ever grasped the rail at an EDM show. Last, but certainly not least, is the young house-banger, “Damp Squid” by Mhuz and Dendro. If one amazing baseline wasn’t enough, this track is sure to add that extra spice to your collection.

But don’t take our word for it, take a listen to these tracks for yourself (+ many more below) in this week’s edition of Music Monday.

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