12 Reasons You Know You’re Festival Obsessed

12 Reasons You Know You’re Festival Obsessed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably very aware of all the new and old music festivals that have become all the rage. So, we decided to compile the top reasons that we KNOW make you music festival obsessed. Feel free to let us know if we missed any of the key reasons, but we’re pretty sure we’re spot on.

1. You and your friends have perfected the sport of purchasing a ticket at early bird prices. You even feel comfortable spending hundreds of dollars without knowing what the lineup is.

It pretty much works like this; you get all your friends together with multiple laptops going per person, opening as many ticket links as possible to ensure you get a ticket..or two..or five.

2. And as a result, you’re forever on some sort of a payment plan.

When you’re spending hundreds of dollars every week because you can’t miss the newest and greatest festival or even the festival you’ve already attended year after year, you have no other options. Food, gas for your car, vacations, clothes (unless it’s for said festival), it all goes on the back burner.

3. You even have a savings account dedicated to ticket and travel related expenses.

Instead of putting some of your paycheck into a separate savings account, you know, for practical items such as paying off your student loans, your electric bill, or rent, you take $200 out of your checks each month to pay off your festival debt.

4. Your iPhone is full of lists of things you’ll need for the upcoming festival.


Don’t forget your ticket, of course.

5. You’re always waiting for the lineups to release, but when they do, you’re upset because the ONE artist you wanted to see isn’t on it.

It’s okay though, you take comfort in the fact that you’ll see them at a show or festival the month after.

6. Your Facebook timeline is a one giant advertisement for music festivals and local shows.

7. You dream of going to Tomorrowland in Belgium.

One day.

8. OK, it’s the night before the festival and you’re not able to sleep, despite knowing you need every last bit of energy to last through the weekend.

9. You have a shrine dedicated to the water bottle your favorite DJ threw into the crowd.

Ever since Diplo brought you up on stage to Express Yourself, it’s been true love.

10. When your favorite DJs have back-to-back sets across the festival grounds.

11. You have a box in your room dedicated to old tickets, flyers, wristbands, and any other piece of the festival you were able to get your hands on.


12. You wear your festival wristbands year-round to cling on to the memories of the best weekend ever. 

You might even be in a contest with your friends to see who can keep the wristband on the longest. And if you take your wristbands off days after the festival comes to an end, you might as well stop reading this because only a true fan would wear their wristbands weeks and months after the festival.

BONUS: When the festival is over and it’s time to leave.

No explanation necessary.

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