5 Sets You Cannot Miss During EDC 2017

5 Sets You Cannot Miss During EDC 2017

EDC weekend is finally upon us! Many of us have been preparing for months to enjoy this magical weekend in the desert. Now that it has finally arrived and the set list has been released, it is time to make plans. Choosing who to see is not an easy decision. Therefore, we have put together our “Top 5 Sets You Cannot Miss” list. While there are far too many amazing acts to put on one list, we believe these 5 will blow you away! So, with out further adieu:


Starting off our list is the Arizona hometown hero, BIJOU. Hugely popular in the Arizona music scene, Bijou has started to blow up on the national scale. A self-identified “House Gangster”, the producer has been one of the front-line pioneers of the G House sound. G House, a genre characterized by dark, heavy, and driving bass-lines combined with hip-hop vocals, has steadily been gaining popularity.

One of Bijou’s more recent G-House tracks, “Snake Charmer” is a perfect example of just how catchy the genre can be. Gaining a cool 250k+ streams on SoundCloud in less than a month, Bijou clearly shows no signs of slowing down.

Be sure to catch Bijou’s set from 7:00 PM – 8:37 PM at the Kinetic Field



EDC weekend offers some amazing opportunities that otherwise would not be possible due to different touring schedules. These opportunities usually come in the form of B2B sets. For the unaware or those who have fallen prey to internet jokes, B2B is not a artist. B2B stands for Back to Back. Essentially, two artists get a chance to combined their show experiences into a whole new type of show. One B2B that we are extremely excited about is the Audien B2B 3LAU set. Both incredible artists in their own right, their combination of progressive house sounds will be one not to miss.

Check out a full write up Insomniac did for the pair here! Be sure to catch this B2B set from 3:00 AM – 4:15 AM at the Circuit Grounds

3) K?D

 Next up on our list comes a producer who’s rise has been meteoric to say the least. K?D has taken the dance music scene by storm over the past year and seems to only be speeding up. With a range of sonic abilities at his fingertips, it is easy to see why K?D has grown so popular. From dark and deep to melodic and uplifting, this producer will take you from one extreme of the emotional spectrum to the other in the blink of an eye. This along with a impressive collection of collaborations with artists such as Rezz and Varien make K?D a heavy hitter to look out for in our eyes.

Be sure to catch K?D on Sunday from 7:40 PM – 8:40 PM at the Cosmic Meadow.


Another one of those special sets that only EDC can bring to reality. To say this set will be any bass head or head banger’s dream is putting it lightly. Each producer is well known for their ability to rock a crowd to its core. Combining the three is a powerhouse move. Prepare yourself for a set with a lot of wubs and dubs that will leave your neck sore.

Check out a short video of the combo featuring Slushii below! Be sure to catch the set Saturday, 4:30 AM – 5:30 AM at the Bass Pod!


Last and certainly not least we have a pretty legendary set. Australian hit-maker Alison Wonderland, music mogul Diplo, and the Bass master shark Jauz will all be joining together to create a show that, without a doubt, will be talked about long after the conclusion of EDC weekend. Each producer, on their own, are headlining acts. The superstar combination of the three will be a perfect top-off to an astounding weekend. Check out the short write up Billboard did about it here!

Alison Wonderland B2B Diplo B2B Jauz will be one not to miss

Make sure not to miss this one, catch it on Sunday, 1:28 AM – 2:26 AM at the Kinetic Field!

Final Thoughts

With so much talent this weekend, you really can’t go wrong with any acts you choose to see. All artists will be bringing their A game for a show you will remember for years to come. Be sure to check out the full weekend set times here and start planning if you haven’t already. Drink water, stay safe, and get ready for an amazing weekend at EDC 2017!

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