6 Zedd Essentials You Need To Know Before His Set At Māyā

6 Zedd Essentials You Need To Know Before His Set At Māyā

We are beyond excited to welcome a legendary musician and producer to the Māyā Dayclub. This Sunday, May 6th, Zedd will be joining us poolside for one of the hottest parties of the Sound Wave pool party series. Before he takes the decks, we wanted to share with you our 6 essential songs you need to know before you go see him, just in-case you want to sing along while you are enjoying the party.

To start things off we want to take you back about 5 years. Back before his studio album ‘True Colors’ there was the ‘Spectrum’ EP. The title track off the EP, ‘Spectrum’ Feat. Matthew Koma is a beautiful and energetic electro house hit that helped propel Zedd to his original fame and success. We will gladly place bets that you will be hearing this come Sunday.


Next up is ‘Clarity’, a track graced with the ethereal vocals of Foxes and an extremely catchy leading melody. If you were anywhere near a radio within the past couple years, it is almost guaranteed that you have heard this song. The popularity is not without good reason, the lyrics speak to a romantic conflict of heartbreak and passion that almost all of us have experienced.


Third up on the essentials list we have a track that is a little less about love and a little more about passion, ‘Stay The Night’ off of Zedd’s debut studio album, Clarity . This time featuring the stunning vocals of Haley Williams supported by a hauntingly beautiful piano melody and chord progression, all leading up to a classic Zedd electro house drop.


Next we look to Zedd’s most recent studio album, True Colors. One can argue that pretty much all the tracks are essential listening, but one track truly stood out among the rest. ‘Beautiful Now’ Feat. Jon Bellion quickly became a radio and world wide hit, reaching the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Club Songs. With over 98 million views on Youtube, the significance of this song cannot be overstated.


Now that you have had a chance to listen to some Zedd classics, we turn to some of the producer’s more recent work. Remixing is, without a doubt, one of Zedd’s strong suites. Back in 2009, Zedd made his breakout through Beatport remix competitions, winning the Armand Van Helden ‘Strickly Rhythm’ Remix Contest as well as the Fatboy Slim ‘Skint’ Remix Contest. Needless to say, years later his remix abilities have grown to all-star status. His most recent remix, ‘Let Me Love You’ by DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber is an instant classic.


Last, but certainly not least, we come to ‘Stay’ feat. Alessia Cara. Catchy and soulful, Zedd once again explores the rigors of romance. The music video weaves a story about how different life can be if not only for a change of a few moments in time. We absolutely love the song and are looking forward to seeing in live.

There you have it! You can now proclaim yourself decently educated on Zedd’s material. If a friend asks you to name his top five songs, you can now respond back with six! Get ready to hear these all poolside this coming Sunday, May 6th. Grab your tickets here before they sell out!

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