ANNOUNCING: 3LAU at MĀYĀ Day & Nightclub [August 27th, 2017]

ANNOUNCING: 3LAU at MĀYĀ Day & Nightclub [August 27th, 2017]

Get ready for an energy filled Sunday poolside! We are pleased to announce that our good friend 3LAU will be back at MĀYĀ Day & Nightclub for a legendary pool party this August 27th!

Early Beginnings

Justin Blau, the man behind the 3LAU project, has been in a steady relationship with music for quite some time now. At the very young age of three, Justin began to take piano lessons. While unknown to his parents at the time, these lessons were the start of an incredible music career. Years later, the artist began teaching himself not only guitar, but bass and drums as well.

Fast forward to college. During his sophomore year Justin took a trip to Sweden that changed his life. During the course of the trip, he became heavily exposed to the electronic dance music scene. It was at this point that he decided to take a huge step in his relationship with music, and began to seriously produce. Shortly after during his Junior year, Justin decided it was time to call it quits on school. A decision that has clearly proven the right choice.

An “Escape” To a New Career

Ever since his decision to be a full time producer, 3LAU has flown higher and higher. Playing some of the most recognized clubs and festivals in the world, producing massive hits, and even starting his own “not-for-profit dance label” Blume (the first of its kind), there really seems to be nothing out of this artist’s reach.

We are beyond stoked to have this extremely talented producer make his way back to MĀYĀ and we hope you are too. Tickets are expected to go quick so grab yours here! More information on the event as well as upcoming competitions and giveaways can be found on the MĀYĀ events page here!


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