Artist Spotlight: 3LAU, The Philanthropic Wolf of the Music Industry [2017]

Artist Spotlight: 3LAU, The Philanthropic Wolf of the Music Industry [2017]

Before he takes the stage at Maya, let’s get to know the 26-year-old house producer who turned down a career on Wall Street to travel the world, create music for a living, and give back to the global community.

Before 3LAU

Justin Blau was on the fast track to success when he was given the opportunity to intern with an investment management firm on Wall Street. However, like many other college grown DJs, he declined the opportunity in order to pursue his music career. Justin Blau, more commonly known by his stage name 3LAU (pronounced like his last name), grew up in a creative household. With music instilled in his veins at a young age, Justin taught himself early on how to play the guitar and piano.

Growing up in Las Vegas, 3LAU was always familiar with the music/club scene. However, it wasn’t his inspiration to start his own electronic music career. It was in 2011 when he took a trip to Sweden where he was won over by the dance culture abroad. As soon as he returned to the United States he began focusing solely on his music. With help from his college economic professor, he convinced his parents that creating electronic dance music was not just a phase, rather his career.

His Music

From playing at small college sorority and sport formals to now playing at the biggest music festivals, 3LAU has clearly succeeded in making a name himself. In the beginning he stuck to mash-ups to create a fan base. In the years since his humble beginnings, however, he has blossomed into an original producer capable of creating a vast array of different styles and sounds.

Due to this variety, his music lets his crowd dance around instead of just jumping up and down. His hit single, “Is It Love (Feat. Yeah Boy)” is a perfect example. With hints of diso and deep house, 3LAU delivered a great downtempo song for his fans to shuffle around to. That was definitely the case when he made “insta-famous” shuffler Elena Cruz the star of his lyric music video. Known for her creative Polly Pocket shuffle style, she not only was in his music video but was a guest performer during his 2016 Sunset Music Festival set.

On My Mind with Gronk

U of A alumni and New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski has always showed his love for electronic dance music, so it is only natural that he starred in 3LAU latest music video right?
“On My Mind (Feat. Yeah Boy)” brings an 80s drive-through Miami feel to all his 90s-baby fans. This song was released on 3LAU’s non-for-profit label, BLUME, with proceeds going towards raising $30,000 for the American Civil Liberties Union. With the perfect summer feel, this song will definitely be a staple at any party or music festival. While the song is pretty perfect, the music video is even better. Make sure to check out Gronk’s appearance on the EDM silver screen.

Speaking of BLUME

In addition to shooting music videos with football all-stars and constantly creating and re-interpreting music, 3LAU also has created something never before done in the dance music industry. His digital charity label, BLUME, is the first of its kind not-for-profit dance record label. All proceeds from streams & royalties off tracks released on the label are donated directly to charity.

Philanthropy is nothing new for Justin. He has personally donated over $100,000 of his own money to Pencils of Promise, a charity focused on providing access to quality education to lower income and third world countries. After visiting a school constructed with his donated funds, Justin was convinced philanthropy needed to play a major role in his life. Thus, BLUME was born.

That was back in 2016. Since then BLUME has raised over $200,000 for Pencils of Promise to build schools in the developing world and released. The label plans to continue and release tracks from 3LAU as well as other artists, with proceeds going towards different charities of fan choosing. Check out a full interview from 3LAU about the future of the project here!

Show Info

We’re excited for 3LAU’s to take over Maya’s pool on Sunday, August 27th. Tickets are on sale now and will more than likely sell out, so grab yours here while you can! Check out the event’s page for more info and contest information here!


Contributing Author :: Nickey Tygesen 

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