Artist Spotlight: Claptone

Artist Spotlight: Claptone

German DJ and producer, Claptone, is known for his complete anonymity, as much as he is known for his infectious deep house sound. Claptone has made a name for himself with his incredible live performances, which boast crowd pleasing remixes, original tracks and the allure of his mysterious gold, bird-like mask. He first began gaining worldwide attention in 2012 with his track, “Cream,” which includes sampling from the famous Wu Tang Clan hit. After releasing multiple EPs, Claptone released his first album, “Charmer,” in October of 2015.


The album features multiple artists from all different genres, including Peter, Bjorn & John and Nathan Nicholson. One of the most popular tracks from the album is “No Eyes,” which features Jaw. In addition to releasing music, Claptone has a weekly podcast, titled Clapcast, and an app that allows you to “clap” yourself. You’re just going to have to check that one out for yourself!


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