Artist Spotlight: VOLAC, Russian Ragers

Artist Spotlight: VOLAC, Russian Ragers

Stas and Sasha are the geniuses behind the “VOLAC” sensation that’s sweeping the nation. A name born out of a typo, the two friends came together to form Volac very naturally. Brought together by a love of electronic dance music, Stas & Sasha started to produce tracks together. Although both had a multitude of musical influences, they both found themselves leaning more towards the deeper house end. Yet with such strong roots in hip-hop, the duo had a need to somehow involve their two musical loves. Around 2011, the pair chanced upon “G-House”, the bassy blend of house and hip-hop. From then on the artists were sold on the sound.

Eventually, the artists found their way onto Fractall’s Mixfeed. The connection helped them blow up outside of their native Russia. So much so now that the artists have found themselves more popular in Brazil then the homeland. Further releases on AC Slater’s Night Bass label have done wonders for the two’s popularity, catapulting them up in the U.S charts.

One of their biggest hits this year, “What I Got,” was a bassy collaboration with the one and only Destructo. The instant-classic has pulled over 2 million streams since it dropped! “What I Got” delivers a heavy bass-line and vocals from the 2006 hit “Fergalicious.” A throwback that we all admittedly know the words too.


VOLAC is currently on their world tour, the ‘No Love Tour’ and we are very fortunate to have Scottsdale in their path. Catch VOLAC at MĀYĀ Day & Nightclub this Friday, August 4th! Grab your FREE with RSVP here, while supplies last!

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