Artist Spotlight: Wax Motif – Pushing House Forward

Artist Spotlight: Wax Motif – Pushing House Forward

Musical Evolution

Evolution, necessary for life to continue and thrive. Changing and evolving as time goes by allows for life to deal with all the different environments it has to face. Without evolution, life would stagnate and eventually dwindle into nothing.

Music, like life, need change and evolution to continue and stay relevant. While some classic songs will never go out of style, too much of one thing is bad for music as a whole. Imagine for a second a legendary song like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Masterpiece of a song, and always a thrill to listen to. However, what if during that same release time, there were hundreds of songs that sounded just like “Thriller.” The market would become over-saturated with the same sound and people would become very bored very quickly. Like the life lacking evolution, the genre would dwindle into nothing.

That is why the music industry needs people like Wax Motif.

A New House Movement

Danny Chien, better known by his stage name Wax Motif, is an Australian born producer who is helping shape the future of house music, specifically the G-House movement. His influences, ranging from disco to hip-hop, all play a part in developing a different type of house sound than the commonplace tracks currently filling the market. It seems that his listening history has translated into a different type of music than most mainstream house DJ’s.

Instead, his musical taste seems to resonate very well with a fresh movement in the house scene. Night Bass (a movement by AC Slater based out of LA) is the new scene popping up for a darker, bass heavy type of house that is exploding at the moment. Wax has clearly found his way into this new movement. A track with music industry big dog Destructo placed Wax among the roster of innovative artists to have releases off Night Bass, all whom of which are making major moves in the industry themselves.

Getting involved with different and innovative scenes is nothing new for Danny Chien though. Having worked with rappers from Pusha T to Warren G, the producer has had his hand in the hip-hop industry for some time now. In addition to established artists, Wax also finds  himself working on new sounds with up-and-comers like Jevon Doe. All of this work outside the dance music scene clearly influences his production and DJ sets.

This blending of genres to create something new and exciting is exactly what Wax Motif has become known for. Helping push the new scenes forward and evolve the old scenes is a service Chien is gracefully providing. It also makes for a crazy party.

Friday Night With Wax Motif

This Friday, August 18th, you have a chance to experience this new wave of house music. Wax Motif will be making his way back to Māyā Day & Night club. Limited Free with RSVP spots are still available here.

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