Baauer Beyond The Trend: Tracks You Need To Know Before His Soundwave Debut

Baauer Beyond The Trend: Tracks You Need To Know Before His Soundwave Debut

The viral and unforgiving nature of the Internet is a complex beast, especially in fickle music world. Harry Bauer Rodrigues, better known by his stage name Baauer, knows all too well that one single spark is enough to set a wildfire, especially online. Chances are if you were anywhere near a computer or phone in early 2013, you have seen at least one iteration of the inescapable video meme that seemed to have swept the entire world by storm, Baauer’s infamous breakout selection, “Harlem Shake.” While the exposure was overwhelming, the producer at the time did not see a single cent of revenue due to uncleared samples in the song. In fact, Rodrigues has gone on record numerous times declaring his open and blatant disdain for the track. With good reason.

Rodrigues has worked tirelessly to put the “Harlem Shake” behind him. Not by striking gold with another online sensation, but rather with sharp, impeccably produced hip-hop, trap, grime, and bass offerings that are more accurate depictions of his caliber as an envelope-pushing beatmaker. First signed to LuckyMe Records in 2012 for his debut Dum Dum EP, the “Paauer” producer has built his repertoire of colorful dance originals through constant traveling and global exploration. Known for his insatiable wanderlust, Baauer’s eclectic style patches together popular dance elements from all over the world. 

He’s equipped with a fearless knack for experimentation, and following the blow-back from “Harlem Shake’s” seemingly endless ubiquity, Baauer emerged with a fresh, reinvention of his artistic persona behind his debut full-length album Aa. Packed with joint efforts that feature the likes of Pusha T, Future, M.I.A, the multifaceted Philly-native came out in the beginning of 2016 swinging…hard. Now, stocked with an arsenal of catalog-defining hits, his debut record, and a dangerously fierce disposition behind the decks, Baauer is taking dance music by force once again, and this time it isn’t by cheesy meme appeal.

Catch up with Baauer’s catalog and get ready for an insane launch to the 2017 Sound Wave Pool Party Series with the one and only Baauer.



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