Behind the Booth: SLE’s DJ Joey T

Behind the Booth: SLE’s DJ Joey T

It was high school parties and friends that influenced Joey Torres to make the decision to max out his credit card in order to buy DJ equipment to pursue his music career. “I had friends in LA who were in a party crew and I saw them DJ at their own parties. I used to listen to DJ Skee and I would always try to find the new songs that he played at his show. Any time I would listen to the radio, I felt like I always knew what the next song was going to be.” In fact, it was his high school football coach who gave him the name “Joey T” and it stuck. 

Joey T soon found himself working at Steve LeVine Entertainment, the perfect place for someone pursuing their DJ career. The atmosphere and the people who are “hungry to make an impact in the entertainment industry” can be found at SLE and that’s what drew Joey T in. Some of his influences are the pioneers of the industry; A-Trak, Craze, Z-Trip, Shiftee, Jazzy Jeff and Vice along with local DJ and fellow #SLEFamily member, DJ Soloman.

Apart from from DJ life, Joey T is just like the rest of us. He likes to read, travel, try new foods and drinks and hang out with friends and family. He works for two radio stations (Mega 104.3 and 101.1 The Beat), which give him the opportunity to find new musical influences and allows him to be more confident while playing for the “young and wise.” The best way Joey T finds new tracks is stalking his favorite artists on Soundcloud. I love when funk, disco and house genres are fused together. If there is anyone I could DJ or produce with it would be Ducksauce because for that reason.”

Joey T has been djing for six years now and continues to perform at a variety of venues in the valley and nationally. He has performed at Sutra in Newport Beach, Yolo’s Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Last Supper Club in Seattle, Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale, and many more.

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