Blastoyz Arizona Debut this FRIDAY at Maya Day & Nightclub

Blastoyz Arizona Debut this FRIDAY at Maya Day & Nightclub

Kobi Nigreker, or as you may know him, Blastoyz is has played a key role in the world of Trance and Psytrance for years.

Back in Beit-Ezra, Israel, where he grew up, the DJ/Producer started recording music at the age of 9; not long after that, Blastoyz began DJing in clubs and private events.

The native of Israel served his mandatory three-year service with the Israeli Defence Force back in 2009 through 2012. This held him back from intensive music production, however, the anticipation grew strong during his three-year service and within a year of being released from his service, he had two EPs released.

With his sound being influenced by figures such as: Infected Mushroom, GMS, and Skazi, the world grew to love Blastoyz’ sound and by 2015, he was frequently touring worldwide.

Throughout the duration of his career, he has produced music with Upgrade, Azax, Ranji and most recently, Seven Lions. Check his music out below in our Essential Playlist HERE!

We are so excited to show a warm welcome to this incredibly talented artist for his Arizona debut!

Make sure to snag your complimentary tickets HERE while they’re still available!

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