Coachella and Bonnaroo Organizers are Teaming Up for Something Big

Coachella and Bonnaroo Organizers are Teaming Up for Something Big

Each year during April, thousands of festival-goers flock to the world famous Coachella Valley Music + Arts Festival, which has a reputation for being one of the most anticipated and profitable festivals in the country. Two months later in June, thousands of fans attend the equally anticipated Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival. With a similar fan base, production value, and talent roster, many would argue that Bonnaroo is also a contender for top music festival in the world. Which festival can claim the top spot will long be up for debate, in the meantime, imagine what it would be like to combine the two into one larger-than-life experience? Festival goers may soon be able to find out.

According to a report by the Denver local newspaper Westword, AEG and Superfly (the companies behind Coachella and Bonnaroo, respectively), are coming together to create a new super-festival, likely to be hosted in the Denver area. While news is beginning to break through to the public, rumors among sources close to the deal claim the project has been in the works for quite some time, “behind closed doors since 2010,” to be exact.  The new festival would feature multiple stages as well as a variety of musical acts, something “akin to Coachella.” AEG Live Rocky Mountains CEO Chuck Morris plans to create the festival with the Denver millennial population in mind, catering to those who are musical and cultural junkies. What this exactly means is up for question, but with the creative teams behind Coachella and Bonnaroo at the helm, the event should shape up to be quite the cultural affair.

Concrete details on the new festival are scarce at this time. Morris and his team met with the surrounding community earlier this week to discuss the potential benefits holding the festival will bring to the area and to consider possible litter and crime issues as they relate to a large-scale music event. Morris and consultant David Ehrlich “pledge that they will not foist the music festival upon any community that does not want it.” Coachella has navigated rocky terrain with its host city of Indio, California in the past, so procedures will likely move slowly to avoid any community backlash with a festival of this proposed magnitude in the works. 

For now, rumors of the event reaching the public spectrum signal that this new mega-festival is likely to actually materialize at some point, perhaps soon. While the facts are currently few and far between, as this year’s festival circuit heats up, we’re sure more news about this is bound to break soon.

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