Deadmau5 announces new studio album, his first since 2014’s ‘While (1<2)'

Deadmau5 announces new studio album, his first since 2014’s ‘While (1<2)'

Anyone that follows Deadmau5 on Twitter knows how vocal he can be on certain topics. From calling out Krewella to bashing the recent Marshmellow video , Joel staunchly states what is on his mind, and generally tends not to give it a second thought. Brash apathy is famously Deadmau5′ strong-suit, and its in this spirit that the Grammy-nominated producer announced his new album this last Friday. Nonchalantly posted without too much hype, let alone notice, the announcement took fans by storm and sent the internet into a frenzy of anticipation. It has been quite the stretch since 2014’s While (1<2), and while Twitter beefs make for ephemeral entertainment, fans have sounded off with instantly-fervent anticipation for Joel’s new LP.

The record, known as W:/2016ALBUM/, will be Deadmau5’s eigth full-length album, and is expected to have around between nine and twelve tracks. The LP will most likely feature content that Deadmau5 has previously teased via twitch live stream, though its also bound to include some new mau5-crafted dance gems that we have yet to hear. W:/2016ALBUM/ is slated to be released December 2nd via Mau5trap Records. 

Can’t wait to hear Deadmau5’s upcoming album? Head over to to hear the most recent releases from the producer and other artists on the Mau5trap label to hold you over until the release date.

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