5 DJ’s & Producers That Remind Us Of Our Childhood

5 DJ’s & Producers That Remind Us Of Our Childhood

We have all been there. One day you find yourself on a rail head-banging and the next you’re in your empty house belting out “Be Our Guest”. It happens to the best of us. Nevertheless, with such a difference between the two scenes it is hard to have the “Best of Both Worlds.” Below is a list of DJs who heard your call and have taken action! “Let’s Get Down to Business!”

ToMix & Genish

Could you think of a way to fuse ‘Toy Story’ and Tech-house? Probably not… ToMix & Genish, however, melded the two into a tasteful, clean and (somehow) EXTREMELY catchy remix of the old-school-banger “You’ve Got A Friend In ME.”

Steve Aoki

If you haven’t heard his name, you definitely live under some sort of extremely heavy rock similar to Patrick Star’s home. The 39-year-old King of EDM has been in the music scene before most of you were able to say ‘Kick Drum.’ This year Steve headlined the first ever ‘Electroland;” a festival based after-hours in Disneyland Paris. Don’t believe us? Check it out!

Mighty Duck

The name brings nostalgia to the lucky few of us that grew up around this era. Don’t let the name fool you, however, Mighty Duck produces and remix’s only the grimiest Dub and Riddim one can hope for. Other than that, what else is there to say… It’s in the name.

Da Tweekaz

For anyone who knows Da Tweekaz’s music they might find themselves asking “how could a hardstyle group be in your Disney list?” Well, these guys put quite the spin on Hardstyle with their love of Disney toons. Admittedly, it works pretty damn well… Their remix of “Let It Go” from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ has 1.8 million streams on Soundcloud. More recently they also dropped a remix of “How Far I’ll Go” from the Disney movie ‘Moana.’


Matoma tops the list at #1 due to his sheer cleverness and outright funny bone hittery. Although this massive artist did not necessarily remix the song or even play a Disney related venue, he takes the cake. His most recent ‘radio playlist’ on Spotify and Soundcloud received the title ‘Hakuna Matoma’; an accurate fit to his personal sound and simple, yet elegant tip-of-the-hat to his ‘Lion King’ friends at Disney.

To check out the essential playlist and more awesome music by Matoma click the link below!

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