Excision’s Latest Album, “APEX,” Will Bend Festival Rails

Excision’s Latest Album, “APEX,” Will Bend Festival Rails


Excision makes waves with the release of his fourth studio album, Apex.

With only a week until electronic music-filled Bass Canyon Festival, it’s  predictable that Excision fans everywhere will be spending the next 7 days filling their minds and playlists with the rollercoaster sounds that comprise Apex. The full-length, 14-song LP is a culmination of everything that Excision has accomplished, reflecting the highs and the lows of his own life.

Throughout the process of creating Apex, Excision fostered the talent of his young protege, Dion Timmer, in a style of true artistic collaboration. X has no fear of exploring something bigger than himself, teaming up with Space Laces and Sullivan King, among others, to deliver yet another dynamic collection of electronic music that is sure to change the game. The range of sound that Apex covers is quite impressive, featuring high-energy bass anthems before slowing it down with “Gold,” only to finish with heavy, ground-shaking bangers.

Audience response to Apex has been nothing shy of complete exhilaration. Fans are hailing it as Excision’s greatest work to date.

Haven’t heard it yet? Check it out here for FREE:



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