Dance off Bad Dating Trends with Hook N Sling’s New Remix

Dance off Bad Dating Trends with Hook N Sling’s New Remix

The Problem:

It’s no secret that 2017 has proven to be a platform for terrible relationship trends. This year, especially among the millennial crowd, the world has seen an increase in cushioning (talking to other options while dating someone), ghosting (the act of slowly ceasing talks with someone), and benching (continuing to talk with someone without making plans for another date). Or maybe you just have bad luck and things don’t click. Regardless of the situation, it has stereo-typically been a bad year to make it “Facebook Official”.

The Solution:

To help celebrate these trends Halsey released her answer in the form of song, titled “Bad At Love”. The song tells the story of her bad dating experiences and lack of fortune she has in the dating world. However, every worthwhile celebration needs some dance aspect to it, which is where Hook N Sling’s talent comes into play.

On October 6th the “Bad at Love” remix compilation was released featuring versions by several artists, including Hook n Sling. These new versions offer listeners and followers a fresh dance perspective of the single to help them celebrate their lack of success in the dating world. With over 43k plays on Youtube and over 6k on Soundcloud, Hook N Sling’s mix is definitely a version listeners are enjoying and connecting to.

The Chance to Act:

So even if “you always make the same mistakes” of finding yourself involved in one of these trends, it will be ok. Just don’t make the mistake of missing Hook N Sling perform his version of the hit this Friday (10/20) at the Māyā Day and Night Club in Old Town Scottsdale. The show is FREE with RSVP, be sure to grab your spot here!

Contributing Writer: Anthony Green

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