December…The Other Festival Season

December…The Other Festival Season

Festival season is officially over. Or is it? The warmer months will always hold the title but it’s time we give winter festivals a whole lot of credit. Every year they boast some of the most impressive and creative lineups music has to offer. Whether you need new years plans or just want a break from the real world, we’ve put together a list of festivals coming up that you should not miss.

SnowGlobe Music Festival, South Lake Tahoe, 12/29-12/31

If you are willing to bundle up and brave the elements, SnowGlobe is one of the coolest festivals you’ll ever experience. The 3 day music gathering is outdoors and the lineup contains a good mix of hip hop and various genres of edm.


Decadence, Colorado/Arizona, 12/30-12/31

With two locations and two lineups you literally can’t go wrong when picking which Decadence to go to. Colorado gets a rare treat in the form of a Porter Robinson DJ set while AZ features an exclusive back to back from Jauz and Zed’s Dead.


Countdown, Los Angeles, 12/30-12/31

From the creators of EDC, the stage production at Countdown is unrivaled by any other New Year’s festival. The stacked lineup is also a testament to Insomniac with a huge variety of bass and house music.

OMFG! San Diego, 12/30-12/31

What better place to have a winter festival than San Diego. This lineup is omfg worthy with DJ Snake and Jauz headlining two nights and undercard heavy hitters, Slander, G.T.A., and Malaa.


As you can see, there is no shortage of live music coming our way this December. It may not be called festival season but this time of year certainly embodies it.

Contributing Author: Tobin Gordon

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