Knife Party & Pegboard Nerds Drop New Collab!

Knife Party & Pegboard Nerds Drop New Collab!

From their start in the 1990’s as independent producers to a 2016 collaboration with NGHTMRE and Krewella that landed them the No. 1 spot on the Beatport Dubstep Charts, Pegboard Nerds has pioneered the electronic music industry. The Danish-Norwegian electronic music group with Alexander Oden and Michael Parsberg has rapidly gained traction over the past half-decade due to their visceral interpretation of bass music.

Complementing the European music duo is Knife Party, an Australian EDM group consisting of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen that formed in 2011. Made popular by their festival anthems, including Internet Friends and Bonfire which both earned them accolades, Knife Party retains a massive presence within the electronic music community. With a combined total of over 2 million monthly listeners over streaming services Spotify and SoundCloud, alone, the duo has no shortage of an audience.

The long-awaited collaboration was first revealed back in May when Rob Swire tweeted about the project. No one was expecting anything to release anytime soon, however, due to the heavy promotion of the Pendulum album, ‘The Reworks,’ which dropped earlier this year.

Last month, Pegboard Nerds teased the track at Dreamhack, Austin, which was the first time music fanatics got a sneak peek of the track, unless, of course, they heard it at their intimate Electric Daisy Carnival art car set.

The 5:52 song hosts an abundance of anticipated electro-house synths juxtaposed against heavy basslines. As the song shows, the final project was well-worth the wait.

You can listen to the song below:

Over the next two weeks, you can catch both of these amazing acts, Knife Party and Pegboard Nerds, at Maya Day and Night Club in Scottsdale, AZ. Knife Party on 7/29/18 and Pegboard Nerds on 8/05/18. Click on the names above for tickets!

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