Like a Phoenix, Music Helps People Rise Again

Like a Phoenix, Music Helps People Rise Again

Las Vegas, Nevada: Chaos, sadness, terror; these are just a few words to describe the scene at last week’s Route 91 Harvest Festival. Many music festivals offer an opportunity to escape the stress and struggles that daily life tends to throw at people. By listening and connecting with the music, people are able to find their own personal paradise, free of the strains and pressure of daily life. The attack on the Route 91 Festival tainted the purpose of these type of events. However, as terrible and tragic this event proved to be, there is still a light of hope, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the devastation that the tragedy created.

One of the great things about music is that it not only brings people together time and time again, but also offers a chance for people to escape and heal from the pain experienced during their daily lives. That is just how some of these artists, especially those within the country music industry, have begun to heal from the Route 91 massacre. They have shared some of that healing through their music with the world to assist them as well.

Artists Compelled to Respond

Maren Morris, a rising country star with hits like “My Church” and “80’s Mercedes”, released a new song this past Thursday after the tragedy to respond to all the hate within the world. As per email sent out to her fans, she wrote this song “three years ago”. She struggled to figure out when she should release it. It is safe to say, “Dear Hate” came at the right time, reminding all of us struggling against the negativity of the world that “Love is gonna conquer all”.


A tearful Eric Church this week also responded to the Route 91 scene by writing a song dedicated to the victims of the event. After seeing the wife of one of the victims in an interview with Alice Cooper wearing his tour shirt, who claimed they went there to see Church, her “husband’s guy”; he was distraught that “his crowd” had to suffer for just coming to see him and the rest of the artists. Just like other times when Church has found himself broken, he discovered “the only way he has ever fixed anything that has been broken within him is through music.” In response to this tragedy, the “Why Not Me” emotional ballad was born. It reflects on the difficult feelings going through Church and many others in response to the festival’s damage.


While many of us are broken and hurt by these events, we are also reminded of the power that music has within us all. Regardless of your taste in music, regardless of your individual struggles, one thing is certain: music promotes healing, unity, and love. It also helps people to rise again. As Florida Georgia Line expresses through one of their own songs, “Get back to believing, love is the answer and music is healing.”

Contributing Writer: Anthony Green

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