Monday Monsoon: San Holo’s ‘album1’ Spotlight

Monday Monsoon: San Holo’s ‘album1’ Spotlight

Ease into your week with the Monday Monsoon Vol.11, featuring mellow sounds from Kiiara, Shaun Frank, Jerry Folk, MØ, and four tracks off of Dutch-born San Holo’s debut album ‘album1’, released September 21st.

This highly anticipated album is a perfect infusion of vibey electronic composition mixed with alternative rock elements that will inevitably get you deep in the feels. Kat Bein from had the opportunity to pick the Dutch-born artist’s brain about how each track came together. Hear what he had to say about the tunes we featured on this week’s Monday Monsoon.

Track 1: “Everything Matters (When It Comes to You)”

“The first four-note melody of “Everything Matters” kind of functions as the start and end of a special time in my life; the six months I spent in an Airbnb on Vestal Avenue, L.A., where I wrote, recorded and mixed my debut album. One night, I was scrolling through music and heard an old song from my friend Appleby. When I heard the line “Everything matters when it comes to you,” it touched me deeply. It felt like the perfect line for this song, so I sampled it and used his words to give this song the final touch. I love sampling music and putting it in a different perspective. To me, this track felt like a perfect way to introduce my listeners to the new sound I’ve been working on” (Bein, “San Holo Breaks Down His New Sound On Deeply-Personal ‘Album1’: Exclusive”, 2018).

Track 8: “Voices in My Head” Feat. The Nicholas

“Like I mentioned before, The Nicholas has contributed in so many different ways to the album. Besides being an amazing musician and friend, he’s a great vocalist, too. “Voices in My Head” was written after we visited some vintage guitar stores which is something we regularly do together when I’m in L.A. We were already working on the melodies and lyrics on the way to the store over the beat I made, and once we got back to the Airbnb (unfortunately without a new guitar), we recorded the vocals in the kitchen, as always. I then wrote the bridge with my dear friend Analogue Dear, an amazing pianist and human being — the chords he put down there are truly magical — and the song was complete” (Bein, “San Holo Breaks Down His New Sound On Deeply-Personal ‘Album1’: Exclusive”, 2018).

Track 9: “Worthy”

“For a long time, I had tried to get more guitar in my electronic productions, but it always felt forced and unnatural. I was never really happy with anything I did until I wrote “Worthy.” I think this track was a big first step in finding a new sound for the San Holo project. Back in 2014, when the melodic trap bass game was on the come up, I felt like I was doing something new and innovative. I’m obsessed with trying to innovate sonically, breakdown musical boundaries with my music and help my listeners discover new sounds. I’ve always been very inspired by ambient and post-rock music. Bands such as Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky mean a lot to me, and I wanted to try and channel that post-rock sound into this record. As a guitarist, I was very excited about finding a combination of sounds that I had not heard before; sparkly-clean guitars combined with a big, half-time trap beat. The lyrics were inspired by a real life experience I had. One day a girl asked me, “Do you even need me?” and deep down I knew that the answer was “no.” I don’t think you should be in a relationship with someone because you need him or her. You can not make each other happy. You can, however, enhance each other’s happiness, and that’s what the song is about. This is one of the most personal songs on the album, so I had to do the vocals myself” (Bein, “San Holo Breaks Down His New Sound On Deeply-Personal ‘Album1’: Exclusive”, 2018).

Track 11: “Surface” Feat. Caspian

“Working with Caspian was a dream come true, to be honest. I have been into their music for years. The entire instrumental, ambient, post-rock scene has been a big part of my music catalog. A big part of their sound is treating guitars as instruments to create walls of sound with lots of delays and reverb usage to create synthesizer like layers. It was a challenge to merge this ambience with my electronic sound, but I couldn’t be more happy about how “Surface” turned out. The drop is the result of a lot of layers of super fast guitar strumming with delays and reverbs. The middle part of this song is my favorite piece of music I have written so far. Yvette Young ended up playing some extra violin layers which give the track another euphoric layer leading into the second drop. I wrote the lyrics to this song with Fazerdaze after meeting her at Coachella and inviting her back to the Airbnb. Her voice sounds wonderful on this track, and she complements the instrumental perfectly” (Bein, “San Holo Breaks Down His New Sound On Deeply-Personal ‘Album1’: Exclusive”, 2018).

San Holo kicks off his ‘album1’ tour October 31st in St. Petersburg, FL. with 35 stops, featuring support from Fakear, Said the Sky, Slow Magic, Baynk, Chet Porter, Taska Black, EastGhost, The Nicholas, Beaudamian, and Duskus… this show is one you will not want to miss.

Get tickets to San Holo’s album1 Tour HERE!

Check out the Monday Monsoon Vol. 11 HERE!


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