Music Videos in Miami and Working with Old Friends: NERVO on their new track with Quintino

Music Videos in Miami and Working with Old Friends: NERVO on their new track with Quintino

After years of friendship, NERVO and Quintino finally got the chance to officially collaborate together on a track. Their new song, “Lost In You”, recently premiered on Spinnin’ Records. The emotional piece features powerful and catchy vocals from NERVO, singing to a story of heartbreak familiar to many. The producers sat down with the writers over at 1001tracklists to explain some of the magic behind making this record. Read an excerpt of the interview below.


“Going way back, do you remember the first time you guys met and what your first impression of the other was?”
NERVO: We first met Quintino around 6 or 7 years ago. We were being booked on the same festival circuit and so we would keep bumping into each other. After a few seasons, and a few too many green room parties 🙂 we became good friends. Quintino is such a genuine lovely guy. He’s always smiling, he works very hard, is humble and is always good to everyone around him – these are all such great qualities!
Quintino: Pff that’s a hard one, we met so long ago. The girls are just so nice, even when I just met them for the first time, it felt like we were long time friends.

Quintino then delves a bit deeper into what it is like to work with the NERVO girl’s vocals.

“Quinten, what was it like working NERVO’s vocals? What do you like most about their voices?”

Quintino: It was just a pleasure working with the girls. Because we know each other so well, we were on the same page with the track from the beginning. I just really liked the vocal because of the feeling and I think everyone has been in that relationship where it feels like they are the only one putting in all the effort.
Finally, the producers talk a bit about what it is like to shoot a video out in the beautiful city of Miami.
“What was it like working on the music video for the track in Miami?”
NERVO: The video was shot in Miami with one of our favourite directors from Finland, Jaakko Manninem. The video features a famous Dutch personality (Twan) and it was shot around our NERVOnation party during Miami Music Week. We also get some carpool karaoke scenes in there with us and Quintino which were heaps of fun to shoot 🙂
Quintino: It was really fun to shoot the video, and it gave me the chance to bring my close friend Twan into the video. Shooting the video was actually hard because when shooting in Miami you expect nice weather and sun, but that day the weather was really bad and it was raining. Nonetheless Jaakko the director did an amazing job, he changed the script on the spot and actually used the rain to make the video better. So can’t wait to show it to everyone!

Check out the full interview here! NERVO will be joining us this coming Sunday, April 30th at the MĀYĀ Day & Nightclub for one of our legendary Soundwave pool parties. Be sure to grab your tickets before they are gone!

H/T to 1001tracklist for the interview



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