Night Bass Vol 5 is On Its Way With A Huge Roster

Night Bass Vol 5 is On Its Way With A Huge Roster

An underground and bass-heavy movement is continuing to shaking up the music scene, gaining more and more dedicated followers each day. We are talking about none other than Night Bass, the monthly event that has evolved into its own record label. Brain child of LA based producer AC Slater, Night Bass focuses on the best of bass-house music. Innovative and groundbreaking new tracks fill the label’s list of releases. If I had to recommend one place to look for the best of various under-represented genres, this would be it.

This Is Night Bass

A now regularly appearing feature from the label, This Is Night Bass is a compilation featuring some of the big dogs of bass heavy house and garage music. Started back in 2015, the compilations have helped define the movement and introduced new listeners to the signature sound. In addition to new music, the compilations introduce us all to new and talented artists (and who doesn’t love that?). Therefore when we got word of the next This Is Night Bass, we got pretty excited.

This Is Night Bass Vol. 5 continues to carry the torch of excellence in bass music. Just take a minute to look the track line-up and you will understand what we are talking about. Among the list you will find house duo Volac, G-House star Bijou, and grime man Dillon Nathaniel, all who have been making some serious moves in the music industry.

The full compilation comes out August 4th. Check out the Night Bass Facebook page for all information regarding the release and all upcoming events. To hold you over until then, take a listen to the Vol. 5 preview below!




Get a taste of Night Bass and catch Volac this coming Friday, August 4th at Māyā Day & Nightclub! Some limited Free with RSVP spots are still available!

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