The #NoXcuses Giveaway [September 8th, 2017]

The #NoXcuses Giveaway [September 8th, 2017]

We all have that one friend who struggles to make it out after a long week of work. They “are tired”. They “don’t have enough money”. They “just want to watch Netflix and chill.” Well this weekend, there are #NoXcuses.

Swedish producer EDX will be coming to Māyā Day & Nightclub next Friday, September 15th and we want you and your squad to have no excuses for going out and having a great time. Therefore, we are giving you the chance to win a FREE table & bottle for EDX. The contest will run from Friday, September 8th to Tuesday, September 12th at 3 pm!

Click here to enter the EDX Bottle Giveaway!




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