Porter Robinson Reveals The Second Track From VIRTUAL SELF

Porter Robinson Reveals The Second Track From VIRTUAL SELF

Get excited world, new music is here! VIRTUAL SELF has made another appearance this week with his new track, “Ghost Voices”.

A Whole New World

For the few people who have somehow not yet heard about the project, let’s do a quick re-cap. Porter Robinson has decided to take a completely new direction with his music. After his critically acclaimed Worlds album, the artist released very little music. Albeit understandable due to his busy touring schedule and massive amount of work put into both his live show and Shelter tour with Madeon, his fans were left thirsting for more with little relief.

Things took a quick and interesting turn when out of nowhere on the 25th of October. Porter announced on all his socials a completely new project, VIRTUAL SELF, had been born. In addition to project announcement, VIRTUAL SELF’s first single “Eon Break” was released.

Something Totally Different

Very different than what Porter fans had come to expect, “Eon Break” was a fast paced track one would expect to find among the Dance Dance Revolution roster of tracks. Clearly a signal that this new project would be completely different than Porter Robinson, fans met the track with a mixed reaction.

The recently released “Ghost Voices” is the second track so far released from VIRTUAL SELF. A almost 180 from “Eon Break”, the track is a dark and bass heavy house track accompanied with soaring leads and dreamy vocals.

Clearly VIRTUAL SELF will not be limited to a specific sound or genre. This approach is an extremely refreshing take on dance music, which has seemed to be plagued with a plethora of similar sounding tracks and formats.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below how you feel about this new project.

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