Revisiting the “Cinema”

Revisiting the “Cinema”

With Benny Benassi joining us tomorrow at Māyā Day & Nightclub, we wanted to take a second to revisit the classic tune “Cinema”. Since its release back in 2011, the song has been continually played around the world.

The Original

The song was originally featured on Benny Benassi’s fourth studio album, Electroman. However, the track did not seem to gain any special attention until it was featured on the widely popular game Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Along with the video game feature, an accompanying music video was released in late March of 2011. The track went on to go Platinum in both Canada & Australia. In addition, the track spend a record 48 weeks on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.

The Remix EP

Following the extreme success of the single, two separate Remix EP were released featuring various producers. Among the list you will find Laidback Luke, Congorock, and DJ Mazza. However, one remix stood out among the rest. Going double Platinum in the United States alone, the Skrillex remix of Cinema became one of the most well known tracks in the dance music sphere.

Recent Remixes

Fast-forward to 2017, and the track is still getting lots of love. Luca Lush, a recent rising star in the production scene, has giving his signature touch to the track. Interestingly enough, he chose to remix not the original, but the Skrillex remix. Remixing hit songs is tricky territory, the producer takes the risk of trying to improve on something already so great. So the remix of a successful remix must be suicide territory. However, we are extremely glad Luca Lush took the risk. Take a listen below to decide yourself if the remix was worth the risk.


Friday Night with Benny

Benny Benassi will be at Māyā Day & Nightclub Friday, September 22nd. Tickets are still available here!

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