SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: PRINCE FOX [Monday August 28th, 2017]

SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: PRINCE FOX [Monday August 28th, 2017]

We are pleased to announce we are welcoming back the foxy royalty of dance music to Māyā Day & Nightclub! Prince Fox will be joining us back for an epic Night Swim this coming August 28th.

Artist Backstory

Sam Lassner began his musical journey as a guitarist. However, after an inspirational trip to Electric Zoo, the Prince Fox project was born. Inspired to create electronic music, Sam began remixing popular tracks from well known names in the industry. Due to successful remixes of 3LAU, Sam Smith, and CAZZETTE, Sam flew to new heights in the music industry.

As a result of his newfound success, Sam was able to begin releasing original tracks to his eager audience. Starting with “I Don’t Want To Love You” off of Casablanca Records, the producer has begun to create an impressive discography.

Show Info

This Night Swim will be complimentary with RSVP, so call up your friends and bring your glow in the dark floaties. Check out the event’s page here for more information! Doors open at 10:00 PM.

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