SHOW UPDATE: SHARAM [Date Change & Ticket Info]

SHOW UPDATE: SHARAM [Date Change & Ticket Info]

Have you been looking at your calendar, wistfully waiting for Sharam to come bring some music into your life? Have you asked yourself, “why must we wait till August 11th to hear this legend play?” Have you been worried about what you could possibly be doing this coming Friday night? Well, worry no longer. We have heard your concerns and decided to bring this House and Techno hero sooner than expected.

Yes, you have read correctly. Sharam will now be playing the Māyā Day & Nightclub much sooner than scheduled. Due to some external factors, we have decided to move the date forward from August 11th to July 21st. The show will still be Free with RSVP!

Previous ticket holders

For those that have already registered for the Sharam show do not worry. Your previous RSVP will still be valid for this Friday night’s show. Just present your RSVP ticket / code at the door and you will be taken care of.

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