SLE Interview With Brass Knuckles

SLE Interview With Brass Knuckles
Steve Levine Entertainment had the chance to interview the Miami based trio Brass Knuckles before they make their way to Scottsdale for the holiday weekend.
SLE: You’ve been to Arizona before, you were here in 2013 for Sound Wave Music Festival, what are you most excited for when you return to the Valley?
Brass Knuckles (BK): The crowd in Arizona are true fans of dance music. Not only do they know how to party, they know pretty much all the songs you are playing. You can’t beat that as a performer.
SLE: What’s the most memorable show to date that you’ve performed at? What made it so memorable?
BK: Life in Color Miami this past December was truly memorable for us. Playing mainstage in front of 25,000 people in our hometown Miami was just amazing.
SLE: What do you think it was about your 2011 hit, “Lie To You” that really caught the attention of music goers and made it such a hit?
BK: You can never go wrong with pitched up vocals and a bouncy beat. “Lie to You” was a precursor to our song “Bad Habits” which also has the pitched up elements. People really enjoyed that from the song. It seems to make things more catchy and fun.
SLE: When all the partying and musical brainstorming isn’t going on, what do you all like to do individually in your free time?
BK: Music and creativity in general seems to be an ongoing theme in our lives. We live and breath this stuff. It makes us happy and it’s who we are. But when we are free, we do find time to sleep and eat..every now and then.
SLE: There are so many people out there trying to make a name for themselves and think it’s so easy to do what you and so many others do; because you are a band, what advice would you give to an up and coming artist?
BK: If you really want a career in music you have to eat, sleep and breathe it. There is so much competition out there. Always better yourself and work as hard as possible to get to where you want to be. Having a great team around you is extremely important for your growth as an artist.  
SLE: What can your fans expect from Brass Knuckles before the year is up?

BK: We just released a single with The Cataracs called “Crack.” We’ve been working on a ton of new music. We just released an official remix of Gorgon City’s new single “Here For You.” Our next single “Water Gun” Feat. John Ryan is slated to come out end of July/early August. We are really excited for our Knuckle Heads to hear it. We are also launching a brand new radio show called Fight Club. Stay tuned for that!
Listen to their newest remix of Gorgon City’s “Here For You” then catch Brass Knuckles along with Matt Zo, Grandtheft, and Jack Novak, take over this fourth of July at Maya Day + Nightclub! Tickets available here and doors open at 12PM.
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