SLE Music Artist Spotlight: FKJ [Get Tickets]

SLE Music Artist Spotlight: FKJ [Get Tickets]

Smooth, classical, jazzy, electronic; all perfect descriptors of our next SLE Music Artist Spotlight selection. Vincent Fenton, the multi-talented musician behind one of the biggest uprising acts in the french house music genre, brings together multiple instruments, vocals, and electronic elements to create French Kiwi Juice (FKJ). Being both trained for cinematic sound engineering as well as being a self taught musician, Fenton’s musical prowess is undeniable.

Early Releases

The story starts back in 2012 when French musician Cézaire created his own record label Roche Musique. Due to Cézaire’s relationships among the music industry, a host of talented artists quickly flocked to the Roche Musique banner. Arguably one of the most note worthy among the talent was FKJ, longtime friend to Cézaire. In late 2012, FKJ released his first EP, The Twins, under Roche Musique. Following his first EP came the release of his single ‘Lying Together’ as well as his second EP, Time For A Change. Both music critics and blogs alike gave high acclaim to the works. As a result, FKJ’s audience quickly grew to an international scale.

Debut Album & Tour

As of recent FKJ released his debut self-titled album, French Kiwi Juice. A 12 track collection, the album tells stories from the past two years of the artist’s life. Furthermore, the artist has been touring around North America to promote the album. Known for his live performance, this is one show not to miss.

FKJ will be joining us at Livewire May 25th. Tickets have begun to sell out fast so be sure to grab yours as not to miss this French wonder. Purchase here and we will see you at the show!



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