Vicetone’s “Apex” Out Now on Massive Monstercat x Rocket League Vol.1 Compilation

Vicetone’s “Apex” Out Now on Massive Monstercat x Rocket League Vol.1 Compilation

The Bubble

Many people in the dance music community have aired their concern of a common fear. Found scattered throughout interviews and tweets, a recognizable theme of worry has become pronounced and well known. When is the bubble going to pop?

Of-course, we are referring to the EDM bubble. Many people have began to think that with the rapid growth and over-saturation of the electronic music scene, there must be a breaking point. For an industry that has grown to over $7 billion annually in a very short amount of time, one can argue that these fears are well founded. However, we here at SLE have to disagree with the whole notion. Electronic dance music seems to be leaking into more and more aspects of mainstream life. From pop-star collaborations to features in mainstream movies, more and more the music is becoming well known.

The Solution

Ruben Den Boer and Victor Pool, the two friends behind the international act Vicetone, have continued to prove electronic dance music’s substantive nature with their innovative tracks and remixes. Their recent release only continues this trend. “Apex” is a high energy electro-house influenced piece, recently released off of the Monstercat and Rocket League Vol. 1 compilation. The track is featured in-game, playable during any of the intense Rocket League matches.

Electronic dance music has been brought into mainstream culture like this before, however most of the time it is a grab to try and involve a new audience. More often than not, the ploy does not work and has a feeling of being forced. Yet in this circumstance the collaboration works extremely organically and well. The quick paced and hard hitting track blends perfectly with the high-speed game-play of Rocket League. Listening to the track while playing energizes the whole match and almost completely changes the intensity of the game.

It is these types of moves that involve dance music to a wider audience in a natural way that point towards its longevity, and we absolutely love seeing them.

Take a listen to the track below to hear what we are talking about. Can’t get enough of it? Pick up your copy of the track here!

Ready to hear it live? Vicetone will be joining us at Māyā Day & Nightclub Friday, August 25th! Limited Free With RSVP spots are available here. Check out the event page for more information here. Finally, make sure to follow the artist below:










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