Love Them or Hate Them, You Have To Admit The Chainsmokers Are Good Sports

Love Them or Hate Them, You Have To Admit The Chainsmokers Are Good Sports

On the cusp on The Chainsmokers’ biggest announcement of their career thus far, Esquire Magazine did a piece likening the EDM pop stars to the world’s favorite, and also most rinsed out music joke, Nickleback. While the piece had some fair points and spoke to many in the community who are not fans of the duo, there were some overly scathing remarks. While Alex Pall and Drew Taggart may not be known more for their sprinting commercial success and what some may perceive as a “fratty” disposition, it may be a little far to say they are taking EDM “down to the river, and and putting it out of its misery.” In fact, the general majority of dance fans would actually argue to the contrary. The Chainsmokers are ushering in an era where pop and EDM will be nearly indistinguishable. Considering the duo are embarking on a 40-stop arena tour this year, most would probably say that’s just fine with them. 

Love them or hate them, you have to respect The Chainsmokers for their good-sport attitude towards all of the jokes at their behest. Instead of firing back at the publication and the writer, The Chainsmokers jumped on Twitter and took a lighthearted high road. The duo patch together an impromptu mash up of their own hit song “Paris” with none other than Nickelback’s most famous eye-roller, “How You Remind Me.” And the best part — they actually kind of nail it. Commercial success will inevitably churn some degree of backlash, but considering The Chainsmokers’ ability to laugh at themselves while their numbers continue to skyrocket, we’ll say all’s well that ends well. Tip of the cap, fellas.

The Chainsmokers are coming to Arizona this coming May for their biggest AZ show to date! Check out the events page and pick up tickets here.

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