All You Wanted To Know About Odesza

All You Wanted To Know About Odesza

We here at the SLE office are major fans of Odesza (we assume you are as well). So, when we got word that they were doing an AMA (ask me anything) over on Reddit, we were ecstatic. What does their symbol really mean? Will a Foreign Family Festival ever happen? There is heaps of good material in the thread for fans to read about. Below are some of our favorite bits from the thread. Enjoy!

Revisiting Summer’s Gone & Getting Started


“Hi ODESZA! Huge fan here. Couple of questions.

– Summer’s Gone is honestly my favorite album of all time. Do you think you’ll ever revisit that sound?

-I’ve been feeling very inspired to make electronic/indie music. As a broke college student, what’s the best place to start?”


“Hey Quassitworsh,

Thanks for the questions!

-As musicians we have to go with our gut and make the music that comes naturally when we produce. We feel like Summer’s Gone is still deeply rooted in our production techniques but it’s hard to say where we’ll go next. We’re always trying to push our sound and not repeat ourselves too much.

– Just start making music everyday. It doesn’t matter what you’re using as long as your attempting and experimenting. You’ll learn so much through that process that you’ll develope your own unique style. Just like anything it takes time and effort.”

The Icosahedron & Bonobo


“- Hey Harrison and Clayton! Thank you so much for stopping by /r/electronicmusic! It’s an honor to have you guys here.

My questions are:

-Any chance we’ll see a release for that Make Me Feel Better remix/’Bronko’ track?

-What exactly does the icosahedron symbolize? What does it mean to you guys?

-I noticed Harrison on the album credits for Bonobo’s latest LP, Migration. Did Simon approach you about that? Any chance we’ll hear a proper Bonobo/ODESZA track in the future?”


“Hey feastandexist, Thanks for having us!

-So that track is actually an original song we did. Currently calling it Loyal. People think it’s a remix of make me feel better because we sampled the same accapella. Not sure if we’ll release it, it’s always just been a fun track we built for the live show.

-The Icosahedron represents all the different genres and styles we incorporate into our sound and bring together into a cohesive track/album. This is represented by these different pieces coming together to build an iconic shape.

-Yeah! Simon is a good friend of ours and when he was working on the new record he sent some ideas over and I ended up adding some drums and sound design stuff. He’s a bit of a mentor to us and it was great to work with him even on a small scale. Would love to work with him again if our schedules allow it. – Harrison”

The Chet Porter, Jai Wolf, and Odesza Love Triangle


“So I’ve been wondering this for a long time now, who’s the coolest person you know and why is it jai wolf?”


“What is Jai Wolf? Chet Porter is best.”




Read the full AMA here! 



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